David, 2 years

Today marks two years since the birth of our son David. Today a special day to reflect back on the moment [...]

David 1 year!

Today, David would have turned 1 year old. Today is exactly a year since our son was born after which [...]

Mixed Emotions

It is so double, David's grave is finished and next week we have the 20-week ultrasound of our [...]

6 months

It was 6 months ago today that David was born. How proud we are of our beautiful son. He is [...]

Back to Nijmegen

Last Monday, we had a follow-up interview at the hospital in Nijmegen with the doctor who helped care for David and our [...]

Online photo album

A small online photo album of David. Basically a little journey through our beautiful little man's life. We would like to [...]

How is it now?

When people ask how things are going, I often say, 'things are going well in the circumstances'. Yes, it is intense and yes, on some [...]

Sam - update 9

Sam is home, with daddy, mummy and Jip!!!!As far as we understand they are doing very well. Hello everyone! It [...]

Back to work

This is now my fifth week back at work. I did feel like working on [...] again.

David - two months

Another milestone. David would be two months today. How crazy to think about it. Before giving birth, we had hoped [...]

Sam - update 7

Just another update on Sam Verhoeven, David's roommate when they were on ECMO together. At the bottom of the [...]

Time goes fast

How quickly time goes by. It is now almost 7 weeks since David was born and almost 5 weeks [...]


Saturday to Sunday night, we came home from a few days in Switzerland. Left in a hurry, but afterwards exactly at the [...]

Taking a week off

Family offered us a cottage in Switzerland. To be able to enjoy it for a while, unwind and [...]


That is actually the description of our feelings at the moment.Sometimes there seems to be a moment when a [...]

Sam - Update 5

Sam has been off ECMO for 5 days now! He is doing well (under the circumstances). The doctors are [...]


This morning we both woke up feeling like nothing had happened and that the past 3 weeks in which [...]

Memorial service David

The memorial service is scheduled for Tuesday 4 October at 1pm and will be at the Rafael Evangelical Centre on Dollard Street 127-129 [...].

Amersfoort Day 3

Yesterday, we met with the funeral director to discuss the rest of the days ahead. It was quite a crazy [...]

Little big David Zacharias

Last night at 03.40h, David passed away. We were with him from 01.20am. We will type more later [...]