Nijmegen Day 4

David's temperature has been above 36.5 twice now, which is good!
He also remained stable all day today, which we are obviously very happy about.
What is getting tricky now is that David is starting to retain a lot of fluid. He naturally lies on one side of his face and that is where a lot of fluid is now going to sit, causing his one eyelid to swell and his head to swell a bit. Not a big problem, but it can be very uncomfortable for him. With plasma medication, they hope that this will be limited and that it will not bother him.

Tonight we got to help with the grooming. How lovely that was. I (marieke) got to measure his temp and then take care of his mouth. The inside with a cotton swab and then I even got to rub his lips with my finger. I enjoyed it so much and Nathanael was able to film everything. Tomorrow he gets to do it and I can film it ­čÖé Another moment of enjoyment for the three of us.

We are about to go to sleep, for the first time in the Ronald McDonald house. Lovely to have a room here. Yet it is also another difficult moment. As before we were a corridor away, now we have to take the wheelchair for 10 minutes to get to David.It is so unnatural to be far from him. Ideally, we would like to put our bed next to him, but that probably won't make the nursing staff very happy. ;)But it is absolutely wonderful that the Ronald McDonald fund is so committed to providing us, among others, with a home away from home, close to our little one.


David's temperature is very slowly going up slightly, but is not yet what it should be. He is still stable on ECMO.
We enjoy every moment we are with him.

We are very encouraged by all the kind words and everyone praying with us. We believe that God has David in His hand and is taking very good care of him. Unconcerned we are not, but we find that our trust in Him is only growing.

When we take away the pumped milk (this goes into the freezer for when he does get to drink), we of course go straight back to David. He had a good night. They had to adjust some small things, but that's part of it. He is still having some trouble keeping his temperature. Last night he had a fever, but since yesterday afternoon his temperature remains too low, even with heat lamp. They don't yet know what that is due to.

When we stood there and talked to him, he responded with movements again, including moving his feet and legs. Even when I gave him a kiss, his little mouth moved. These are special moments and we thoroughly enjoy them!

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Sunday, 18-09-11 20:24

hey dear folks
We sympathise with you so much. I said to Joram on Friday, "I don't quite know what to say to you to encourage you" I am praying for you and David the little guy.
We know that God has everything in His hands
Much love and glad to hear you are having enjoyment moments too. x x x


juliette van der weide from nijkerk

Sunday, 18-09-11 20:16

Dear Nathanael and Marieke,

Boy I read your blog every day to see how things are going.
How strong you guys are.
Pray for you every day and you get the strength of God and we are very grateful for that.
Also try to enjoy your little guy , but if I read that, you are doing that every moment.
Good luck
Sander, juliette


Richard Priem

Sunday, 18-09-11 07:28

Good morning canvassers!
How happy and grateful I am to God that your reports are positive and that brave David is doing insanely well. We will be celebrating the greatness of God in the congregation this morning: my guitar tones and praise go out to what God is doing in your family!!!

big hug,


carla van osnabrugge from amersfoort

Sunday, 18-09-11 00:20

What sweethearts you are. So good that you enjoy all the good things. I pray that God will give you lots of good things in the coming days. Dearest regards from Carla



Sat, 17-09-11 23:25

Great to read the last post. Much love, how well you are doing, all respect. His Peace, which is beyond all understanding, prayed for.


Rene and Ageeth Knaapen from Puttershoek

Sat, 17-09-11 23:09

Dear Marieke and Nathanael.

We pray and hope your little David is doing well.

Much love

Rene and Ageeth


Esther Klaver-Dijkhof from Amersfoort

Sat, 17-09-11 23:05

Hey Nathanael & Marieke,
Good news that David has been stable all day and his temperature is going in the right direction! And great that you were able to get a room at the Ronald MC Donald house! We heard from your mother, Marieke, that there was a waiting list though. God provides, again!

Awesome birth announcement card of David by the way! Lovely text you chose for the card.

Dear Nathanael & Marieke, sleep well tonight! It is a bit further away from David, but if you feel the need to go to him, Nathanael will just hold a wheelchair race....maybe you will make it in 5 minutes....;-)

The 3 of you remain in our thoughts and prayers!

Love, Esther


Timon and Wieteke Fieggen from Dordrecht

saturday, 17-09-11 21:54

Congratulations on the birth of your baby son. We hope and pray you can hold him soon.


Timon, Wieteke, Yana, Sam and Eli



Sat, 17-09-11 21:33

Dear Marieke and Nathana├źl, good night, another day passed in which David could grow and become stronger. Lots of love, we keep thinking of you, praying for you. Big hug.


Hieke Kieft from Nijmegen

saturday, 17-09-11 20:23

Huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son!!! Thinking of you guys,
Love Hieke


Gre and Jaap Van Overbeeke from Bussum

Saturday, 17-09-11 19:30

Dear Marieke and Nathanael,

We pray God's Blessing on you and David.
Our God is able to do infinitely more, than we can pray or realise,
Love, Gre and Jaap.


Fran├žoise and Richard de Boorder from Leersum

saturday, 17-09-11 17:49

How nice to read that David's temperature is going up. We sympathise with you!
Richard and Fran├žoise


Sjoerd from Amersfoort

saturday, 17-09-11 17:17

we pray for you all!


Hanna Nennie-van Gemeren

saturday, 17-09-11 16:44

Hi Nathanael and Marieke,
Congratulations to David!!! It's been quite a job, Marieke, but he's here!!! And then straight to all kinds of tubes. Very tough, but you are strong!
I sympathise with you very much and wish you lots of strength, power and wisdom. Lovely that you are also enjoying yourselves!

Greetings, Hanna


Eunice Wustlich

saturday, 17-09-11 16:06

Darlings, how wonderful that you can already enjoy the little guy so much! Fantastic that he is doing so well!

Lord God, thank You for Your nearness to this beautiful little family! Bless them in all they need now, what that is You know best....

By the way, what a beautiful card. Your chosen Psalm is a testimony, very moving!

Love Eunice


Elza&Evert Van de Kamp from Scherpenzeel(GLD)

saturday, 17-09-11 15:39

Dear Marieke&Nathanael

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son David Zacharias. We are praying for you.We hope you can enjoy your son despite the worries ahead.
Praised be the Lord
Day by day He carries us/you
that God is our salvation(Psalm 68:20)

Sweet and warm greetings,


robert and ester van aken from amersfoort

saturday, 17-09-11 15:29

dear nathanael and marieke and little david.
we sympathise with you itens, and pray for the little miracle you have received from god.thankfully you can already enjoy the little things he does.we also pray for you,that you may be strong together and that god may give you love and patience and relief,for these difficult in the lord with all your hearts:proverbs 3v5.

we hope to admire him soon,
much love and greetings fam van aken


Kees and Karin from Amersfoort

saturday, 17-09-11 14:16

Dear Marieke and Nathanael and David,

We pray, "the hand on the throne of the LORD!" and enjoy with you the good things He gives.


Erik, LInda and Thomas Kelderhuis from RIdderkerk

saturday, 17-09-11 13:34

Dear treasures,
the first thing we do in the morning is check how you are doing.
the last thing we do before we go to sleep at night is check how you are doing.
Dear ones we sympathise with you so much, and we realise now how much we miss you.
Thank you so much for the beautiful card of your beautiful son.
We continue to pray for you several times a day, our congregation also prays intensely for you.
We hope to see you soon, and admire your beautiful boy.
Lots of strength again for today.

Love and a huge hug from Ridderkerk



saturday, 17-09-11 13:06

When it started raining and the mountain streams swelled, and storms rose and the house was besieged from all sides, it did not collapse, because it was founded on a rock.
Mat 7 v 25


Sandra Boender from Harderwijk

Sat, 17-09-11 11:49

Hi Nathanael and Marieke.

Congratulations on the birth of David Zacharias. I came across your site via Rafael's e-mail. What an exciting and difficult period you are going through, and how beautiful to see that you can still see so many beautiful things! I will pray for all three of you.
Enjoy your beautiful son!

Greetings, Sandra


Jeroen Griffioen from amersfoort

saturday, 17-09-11 11:40

Congratulations on your son David Zacharias.
Enjoy this blonde wonder.
Much strength wished for the time ahead.
In the prayers we take you, God is great,
as others have written God is the keeper and helper.
Greetings fam Griffioen


Roy Kooijman from Almere

Sat, 17-09-11 11:28

First of all, congratulations on your son! Last Tuesday, I heard from your father-in-law (from nath) that David was born and it did not go well. I want to let you know that we are praying for you and sympathise remotely. What an exciting time and keep up the blog.

Roy Kooijman and fam


Astrid from Amersfoort

saturday, 17-09-11 11:15

How wonderful! So hopeful!
This is the time to hold fast, this is Life, that it may be roused to the full honour and glory of our God, Helper and Preserver.
What intense joy for you as his loving mum and dad the reaction of your son "David Zacharias".
From afar and from the depths of my heart, I live and pray intensely with you. I love and admire you very much! Big hug.


Lennerd & Julia Scheinhardt from schiedam

saturday, 17-09-11 10:47

Dear mum & dad of David
We are glad he had a good night and sympathise with you. We look forward to visiting you on a maternity visit and seeing how you enjoy David. How cool that he is so responsive to you. Enjoy your sweet little man. Greetings from all of us.


Lenie from Amersfoort

Saturday, 17-09-11 10:30am

he dear people, how nice of you to keep us so updated! I hope and pray that t will not need to pump for long because he is drinking on his own. How wonderful that will be! I can imagine how much he enjoys responding to you. Keep touching and talking! Love



saturday, 17-09-11 09:39

What good news! Lovely that you can also really enjoy yourselves and David (it seems) can really enjoy you too!!!

Keep enjoying! He who is faithful is with you, including David! And He will lead you, in His straight ways, for His Name's sake!

Hans & Sitie


Miranda Kooijman from almere

Sat, 17-09-11 09:19

Oh how lovely that David is so responsive to you guys!
We remember how much we enjoyed Thirza's little reactions to us when she was in ICU. he does feel the security of you!

Hope he gets his temperature back soon ! we pray with you !



Sat, 17-09-11 09:12

Good morning!!!
How nice to read this post!!! and how wonderful to experience reaction from David..mmmm...indeed enjoy these enjoyable's fantastic!
We continue to pray and wish you strength again for today!
Love Alinde


Michael & Esther Klaver from Amersfoort

Sat, 17-09-11 08:25

Dear friends,

Lovely post this morning. Nice to read that there are moments of enjoyment. We continue to pray, and you are continuously in our thoughts. Keep courage!
Lots of love.
Michael and Esther



Sat, 17-09-11 08:25

Good morning dear Marieke, Nathana├źl and David, we too continue to pray for David here. Very big hugs and we wish you lots of those beautiful moments as you described. What a Love Marieke that you are pumping, my great respect. I look forward with you to the moment he can drink. Lots of love, toi toi.


John & Anne van Leeuwen

Sat, 17-09-11 08:18

Cool that it's more stable! Enjoy! We keep praying!!!



Sat, 17-09-11 08:16

Great to read that you are enjoying your beautiful little man so much.

Love that you keep us so updated.

Hugs the Hofstedes



Sat, 17-09-11 07:52

Hi N&M,

Thanks for the update. We continue to pray for David. Lots of strength. You guys are jugglers.

We love you 3!!!