Leave of absence and amniocentesis

Takes a bit of getting used to, yet also heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel nice. Maternity leave, what an invention 🙂 Plenty to do in the house, but I can do everything at a leisurely pace and plan all kinds of fun things besides and yes, don't worry... I also take time for my 'afternoon nap', which I secretly really need right now anyway 🙂 🙂
In short, I enjoy my free time! 

(Kind of sad for Nathanael who just has to work.... 🙁

Wednesday is a bit exciting anyway, that's when the amniocentesis is, which we postponed as long as possible. There is a small chance of contractions starting because of the puncture, so that's why we didn't want it before.
The result of the amniocentesis is quite exciting because we will then know whether our baby has a chromosomal abnormality. Should this be the case, the doctors say there is no chance of life.
Even though we are not worried, it is still something, a rash like this is not nothing and we have to wait approx.2 weeks for it.
I have to take it easy for the rest of the day to prevent any small contractions from going through. Friends of ours have already offered to cook for us that day, so we can eat it while enjoying a movie or something. How sweet!!!

Well, we think it would be really cool if you want to join us in praying for Wednesday, that it may all go smoothly (literally and figuratively 🙂 and that the results will, of course, be completely good.

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Cor Edskes from Soest

Tuesday, 16-08-11 21:46

Dear Nathanael and Marieke,

Much strength in the coming days, we pray for the beautiful baby God's miracle in your mother's womb.

Love, Cor, Jacqueline Edskes and kids


Hester van Kooten from Amersfoort

Tuesday, 16-08-11 00:23

Dear Marieke and Nathanael

Through a message on facebook, I just read the post about your baby for the first time. What worries but nice to read that you are living in hope.
Sterre's boyfriend went through the same thing when he was born. Although it was very worrying he survived and is now a healthy little boy who is a bit small for his age. A fortnight ago, I heard that he hasn't even been taking medication for a year! And that his growth in adolescence is expected to recover completely. Should you want to speak to her (in the future), I can put you in touch. For now, good luck and we will pray for you.




Monday, 15-08-11 22:48

Dear Nathanael and Marieke,

What a terribly exciting time with your little one, we want to let you know that we are praying for you. May you receive strength for the coming months and may your little one make it. A lot goes through my mind when I read your story over the months, because we went through this six months ago with my brother and sister-in-law. Know that God is with you, no matter how things go, He will not let go!
Enjoy your little miracle while he/she is still so close (without doctors, incubators, etc);-)
Much strength in the coming days!

Love from Bart and Roelienke van der Snoek