Off to Nijmegen for delivery


Meanwhile, we are already in Nijmegen. Called this morning and was told there was a place in obstetrics. By then we were already dressed and packed. Had a quick bite to eat and then drove in that direction.

Now we are in a delivery room and Marieke is on the monitor to see how Ukkie is doing. Marieke has just had the first two pills to get the dilation going. This way, it may take a couple of days but actually now it's just waiting for the contractions to come or the membranes to break. Very nice nurses and midwives so we are fine here.

The aim is for the delivery to be as natural as possible. This is best for Ukkie. Then, for example, the lung fluid is squeezed out during labour so that the lungs are better prepared.


Nothing yet. Hard bellows every 5 minutes now but nothing serious yet. Just the 2nd time pills. We're going for a walk around the block together. We're having fun...


Still not much. Before today, had the last pill to trigger contractions. The hard bellows are frequent but don't hurt yet. But the pills are already having some effect. The cervix has softened and the dilation is already 1-2 cm.

Hopefully something will happen tonight and otherwise we will (try to) sleep...


It's not going to be 'em today. Fortunately, we are allowed to stay in our room. Otherwise Marieke would have to go to another ward and I would have to find somewhere else to sleep. But (provided there are no emergencies tonight) for now we can stay in our room. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully we'll catch some sleep because we could both really use it....

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marjolein from amersfoort

Thursday, 22-11-12 18:54

Congratulations on your Gideon!!!
we pray that His life will be fully visible in your family.


Elza&Evert and Eliza van de Kamp from Scherpenzeel(GLD)

Thursday, 22-11-12 14:04

Dear Marieke&Nathanel...
An exciting day...
We are with you in our thoughts and prayers.
Sweet and warm greetings,
Elza&Evert and hug from Eliza



Thursday, 22-11-12 09:46

Go girl!
Much strength&patience we pray for you, won't be long now!
I check for news every part of the day
Thick tût!


Annelies Busstra from Amersfoort

Thursday, 22-11-12 08:23

Together with Wouter, we looked at your blog right away this morning.
We sympathise.
Again for this day; God's loving and strong arms are around you!
Love also from Wouter,


Annelies Busstra from Amersfoort

Thursday, 22-11-12 08:22

Together with Wouter, we looked at your blog right away this morning.
We sympathise.
Again for this day; God's loving and strong arms are around you!
Love also from Wouter,


Liesbeth, Wietse and Sam

Thursday, 22-11-12 07:23

First thing this morning, we immediately checked your blog again.... Would there be any news? We anxiously await; dear Nathanael and Mariek, a new day, an exciting day, but one in which His Faithfulness colours the morning again!!!


Michel M

Thursday, 22-11-12 00:55



Michael & Esther from Amersfoort

Thursday, 22-11-12 00:17

Glad you can stay in your room. Gift? Sweet dreams, and enjoy each other. We live and pray with you from Zielhorst! God is carrying you! Also on Thursday. Big hug.



Wed, 21-11-12 23:51

Sleep well :) thinking of you guys, lfs Ben



Wed, 21-11-12 22:42

We pray you a good night. In love and connection.



Wed, 21-11-12 21:58

Really huge thanks for your posts on this blog!



wednesday, 21-11-12 21:33

Dear Marieke and Nathanaël,
We all give birth to this!
We are praying full of love and hope for you! Very big hugs!


Simeon and Rianne van Dam from Leusden

Wed, 21-11-12 19:47

We are praying and hoping with you. Exciting time, try to enjoy as much as you can. Time for God to act... Love you both and we love the little one already.


Richard Klomp from Hoogland

wednesday, 21-11-12 19:37

Dear treasures,
We sympathise with you so much! With gratitude we think back to the moment we were able to pray together last night. And with anticipation we look forward to the moment when we can meet your son. We pray God's hopeful future over you and your little one. Until tonight...?


Henk Schaap from Huizen

wednesday, 21-11-12 19:37

Hi Nathanael and Marieke,
We wait in anticipation!
You're in our minds and prayers!

Henk and Annemarie



Wed, 21-11-12 19:24

Yes, the first 1 or 2 cm are already there. Lovely to hear your voice for a while and our bag is already hanging on the coat rack ready for tonight! If you sleep later the cm will go on for sure. I love you so much and look forward to it! Big kiss! Bonded in Him who cherishes hopeful thoughts about you!


Jan Dirk and Silvia Kramp from Amersfoort

Wednesday, 21-11-12 19:00

Of course, our thoughts (prayers) are also with you.

Jan Dirk and Silvia


Joni & Eliam

Wed, 21-11-12 18:51

Nice early sleep then and hope that in Marieke d'r sleep a lot is already happening!!! great that the first cm is up!!!! we are full of expectations! Hug Eliam and Joni



Wed, 21-11-12 18:39



Linda Kelderhuis from Ridderkerk

Wed, 21-11-12 18:37

OOOOOOOOOO Darlings how exciting, thinking of you all day long.
We hang on to the laptop for news.
Strength and success, we remain prayerfully behind you.

Kind regards and God's blessing


Marijke from Leusden

Wed, 21-11-12 18:19

Dear Marieke& Nathanael,
How exciting all, wonderful that you are surrounded by fine people.......I pray you the peace and tranquillity of our mighty Lord....
Much love......


Christa & Sjoerd Kooistra from leusden

Wed, 21-11-12 17:56

hug from here!
Love, sjoerd and christa


Bart and Esther from Hoogland

wednesday, 21-11-12 15:39

How nice that you are posting again. Richly looking forward to the next post......


Liesbeth, Wietse and Sam

Wed, 21-11-12 15:35

Darlings, we are anxiously monitoring your blog.... What's it like now? We're praying for you and your little one - you're jugglers!!!


Joke and Ton Hilhorst from Leende

Wed, 21-11-12 13:57

Much love, all good wishes and prosperity!


Dieneke van Oostrum from Almere

Wed, 21-11-12 13:37

Dear Nathanaël and Marieke!
Wishing you all blessings, support and peace! You are in Papa's arms!
Lots of love!
Mark and Dieneke



Wed, 21-11-12 13:37

Always touching to know when someone is giving birth. Good luck there. The delivery is just going well!!! Kiss Hanna


Martine Voogd from Amersfoort

Wed, 21-11-12 13:28

Wow exciting .special, full of expectation and eagerly looking forward to Ukkie!!! Great will be his testimony!!!


Renate Hofstede from Amersfoort

Wed, 21-11-12 12:29

Hey lovelies,

How nice that you are there and sweet people are taking care of you and ukkie. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Big hug,
M + R & B


Lenie from Amersfoort

Wed, 21-11-12 12:00

Dear folks, in my thoughts and prayers I am with you knowing that God cares for all three of you and He is there and that gives peace. love



Wed, 21-11-12 11:46

Full of anticipation, our hearts are beating!
In thoughts & prayers with you....


Nicolet Bos

Wed, 21-11-12 11:41

Best of luck there!


Liesbeth Krijtenburg

Wed, 21-11-12 11:27

Hey Kanjers,
Glad it could all go ahead today. Now wait and see, exciting!!!
Good to read that you are finding a warm place in the hospital, which is so important.
You are in my thoughts. For now, I pray that the Peace of Him is with and about you. He is with you, which is so cool to realise, wow. Despite everything, He leads you and cares for you.
A big hug to both.



Wed, 21-11-12 11:24

good luck and I hope it won't take days for you, I hope to read the redeeming word soon, lots of strength during labour I am thinking of you.


Jelmer & Paula from Amersfoort

Wed, 21-11-12 11:07

Hey lovelies!

We are thinking of you and praying for you, Ukkie, the grandparents & grandfathers and for everyone else involved, doctors, nurses.... Exciting!


Tonja Danker from Zeewolde

Wed, 21-11-12 11:06

Dear Marieke and Nathanael, much strength to you these days! We are thinking of you also in our prayers!


Alette Tammenga from Amersfoort

Wed, 21-11-12 11:05

Put m on Marieke! We are thinking of you and praying for you!!!


Erica from Ede

Wed, 21-11-12 11:05

Wow... Very exciting, we are thinking of you here at the KCC !!!


Jacqueline Berghuis

Wed, 21-11-12 11:04

How exciting! success and God's blessing! The Kcc is thinking of you!


Denise from Woudenberg

Wed, 21-11-12 10:59

Yay! Super exciting.... Put 'em on Mariek, and. Nathanael too, of course. You guys are great!
Much love and a big hug


Arthur Brilman from Eemdijk

Wed, 21-11-12 10:56

Dear Natanael and Marieke,
Lots of strength and enjoy these moments. You are now at the most special part of creation. Go with God. We pray with the whole family!

Love, Arthur, Henriette, Sanne, Ruben and Julia


alinde knepper from elburg

Wed, 21-11-12 10:49

Put em on you guys!!! We are thinking of you!!! Strength with everything!!! big hugg


Windy and Erwin van Rossum from bunschoten

Wed, 21-11-12 10:32

eej N and M!

Best of luck!!! and God's blessings!!!

much love erwin and windy!



Wed, 21-11-12 10:26

Exciting.... Go Marieke!!! Hope those pills kick in soon!


Mattanja from Harderwijk

Wed, 21-11-12 10:24

I pray with you, for peace, blessing, prosperity and above all for His life!!!!


Suzanne Brinksma

Wed, 21-11-12 10:23

Hey beautiful people!
Thinking of you and praying for you! Hopefully it won't be long before you get to see the little one. Good luck with the delivery, you can do it!

Love Suzanne



Wed, 21-11-12 10:23

Exciting......Also now......DAY TO DAY HE carries your......... strength



Wed, 21-11-12 10:22

Dear Darlings in thoughts and prayers very close to you, Papa will carry you, I am sure!